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In Medias Res, Latin for 'into the middle of things' describes a narrative that begins not at the beginning of a story, but somewhere in the middle, usually at some point in the action.

Inspired by a passage in a John Irving novel, into the middle of things is how it felt after a series of major life events occurred in rapid succession.

In Medias Res is about what happens when you find yourself presented with profound change, and what comes when there is nothing left to catch or break the fall.

With a small, hoarded stash of expired, instant film and a Polaroid Spectra camera

Making in-camera, double-exposed images with a Polaroid Spectra camera, and a small, hoarded stash of expired instant film, I used the dreamy, faded film quality to capture my fractured and unfocused, inner landscape.

Seeking beauty in my surroundings, and redemption in myself.